225g coconut flour
130ml creamy coconut milk
60g of icing sugar
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
150g dark chocolate


Mix the coconut flour with milk, sugar and vanilla until you obtain a smooth mixture.
With your hands, give shape to the mixture and form small bars.Once that’s done, put the chocolate in a bowl or saucepan and soak in warm water to melt it (be careful not to drop water inside the bowl or pan).

Soak the bars one by one in the chocolate and lay them down on a flat surface covered in baking sheets.

Let it dry for few hours (if the chocolate is at moderate temperature, it will take less time).
Bounty bars can be preserve in the fridge for several days, but most probably they will not survive the pirates attack!!!

If you have extra chocolate, you can melt it in soy milk and obtain a delicious hot chocolate.