paneer recipe

A well-known and easy Indian dish made with fresh milk. It is one of the main ingredients in the traditional Indian dish palak paneer.



3 liters milk
Juice from two lemons
Spices or fresh herbs depending on the dish (optional)



A cheese cloth or thin kitchen towel
A strainer



Bring the milk to a boil or slightly below boiling temperature, add lemon juice until the liquid separates and forms small pieces looking like cottage cheese.

Place the cheesecloth in a strainer and pour the separated liquid through the cheesecloth. Cover the crumbled cheese with the cloth and place a weight on top to press out the last liquid and shape a nice ball, leave it to rest like this overnight in the fridge. Next day carefully unfold the package and lift out the paneer ball which should now be firm and not fall apart when you cut it. Cut cubes of preferred size and fry in pan with oil and spices. Serve as a side dish or in a vegetable dish.