Homemade almond milk is so easy to make and is a very tasty alternative to dairy milk.

Recipe for 1 liter of almond milk


150 g raw almonds
1 l spring water
1 pinch of vanilla powder
2 tablespoons agave nectar, 4 dates (cut up into very small pieces) or any natural sweetener (optional)

Almond milk-inside-post1

Almond milk-inside-post2


Soak the almonds overnight for 10 to 12 hours, rinse and place them in the blender or the food processor. Mix them with water at the highest speed for 2 minutes.
 Filter the mixture through a fine-mesh nut bag or cheesecloth and press out the liquid with your hands.

Add vanilla and the optional ingredients and mix well in high speed blender.

Almond milk can be refrigerated for up to two days.